Kristof De Jaeger

Job title: 
Web Developer
Kristof De Jaeger

Kristof has been a web developer ever since PHP 3 came out. He got hooked on Drupal after experimenting with tons of other frameworks including writing his own. He has written and maintains a dozen modules, writes patches for Drupal core and will review every single line of code that goes out into production. He's not afraid to dive into code and research best performance practices in order to save kittens. His passion is so big he got a Druplicon tattoo on his wrist. Talk about dedication!

Thinks a day should have 36 hours so he can finally release that one rock album to conquer the world and retire on his own private island. Builds arcade machines in the meantime to relive his childhood.

Session title: 
Configuration management in Drupal 8
Session summary: 

The session targets sitebuilders who will work with the new configuration management, and developers who will get an introduction to the Configuration API in Drupal 8.

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