Hotel Helikon, Balatonpart 5.
8360 Keszthely,
GPS: 46.761796291,17.253770828

Hotel Helikon, Balatonpart 5.
8360 Keszthely,
GPS: N 46.761796291, E 17.253770828
Map: www.hotelhelikon.hu

Travelling by flight:
Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest
Heviz Airport, Sarmellek, Lake Balaton
From there by car

Travelling by car:
Budapest - Keszthely: between 2-3 hours
See carpooling options to Keszthey

Travelling by train:
Budapest - Keszthely: between 3-4 hours
For a timetable please visit: elvira.mav-start.hu (HU)

Travelling by bus:
Budapest - Keszthely: between 2-4 hours
For timetable please visit: ujmenetrend.cdata.hu

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