NIIFI Videotorium

Videotorium is a video/audio sharing portal created for the players of research and education. Videotorium provides professional presentation of video content recorded at higher-education organisations, research institutions and public collections. Videotorium has been launched in June 2010 by the maintainer of the Hungarian research and education computer network infrastructure National Information Infrastructure Development (NIIF) Institute. The portal is the successor of former “Video on Demand” repository aiming professional accommodation for the growing collection of recordings and content upload and sharing by institutions.

Videotorium supports any non-profit research and education activity. The content created by affected organisations can be infinitely various: scientific conferences, seminars, university lectures, trainings, scientific events, scientific experiments, research PR, documentary, interviews.

Primarily, the portal offers its services to higher-education (students, lecturers), research and public collection community users, but the high number of public recordings offer a good opportunity for learning or self entertainment.

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